BOBO is a leading macaron company in London offering unique bespoke macarons with personalised designs and pictures. You can now choose to have your logo, message or design printed directly on your macarons. Check out our Boutique for special offers or get in touch for personalised Macarons and Dragées.

Photo: Bobo at Crêpe Parisienne – London

The macarons we offer are not unique because we say they are, they are unique because of the passion we put into every new flavour. And every new flavour is not just a new taste, it is a delightful experience for the palate and a surprise for yourself.

Discover below our range of unique flavours.

Bobo Touch
Jasmine tea
Orange Mousse
Ottomane Prune
Turkish coffee

Bobo summer
Strawberry and geranium
Figs and dark chocolate
Moroccan mint tea

Bobo Classics
Dark chocolate
La Réunion vanilla
Lemon and Lime