Recently we had the opportunity to make a macaron tower for a Christening event. We brainstormed about what colours to use, how to present it etc. and suddenly the idea of making a birdcage tower using macarons came to our mind. It was an idea that needed a lot of research and we went about gathering all the information we needed- like how to arrange the macarons, what sort of accessories would go with them, colour combinations and so on. The client was thrilled at this new development as well, which took our spirits to a new level.

After days of planning, we finally had an idea about how it should look like and absolutely looked forward to setting it up. From shopping for a gorgeous macaronstand, to making hand made butterflies, it was a joy ride. On the day of the ev

ent, we were nervous, but excited. We got around setting up the birdcage on a pretty white stand and started arranging the macarons. We went for an aqua blue colour for the macarons with various exotic fillings. Contrasting bright pink flowers were added as a stream to accentuate the beauty of the tower and to complete the look, butterflies in delicate pink were placed at intervals. On the whole, the tower turned out to be much more appealing when we were done, and we took a minute or two to take in its beauty. We thoroughly enjoyed making this tower.


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